Mathias Rheinlander for inviting me to join an expedition in 2001 to the Bolivian Andes is search of rare fossils and minerals. It was the sight of the awesome Andes that prompted this paper

Special thanks to my dear wife Betty for her support and encouragement during this 2 year total obsession with this study and with it, the inevitable exclusion of almost all other domestic matters . I thank David J. Tompkins in particular. We have worked together on many projects over the past 4 decades and once again his help was invaluable with the mathematical modelling. Prof. Richard Howarth for his invaluable advice and help regarding the preparation of the manuscript, the statistical analysis and encouragement. Dr. John Crocker for help with the presentation and verification of the mathematical analysis. Viki Sizgoric for the illustrations. Charles Sweeney for the loan of text books. Brain Warshaw for acting as a repository of all the dates and correspondence associated with this project. I also thank the HHGS, Essex, Brent, Medway and Sussex regional branches of the British Geological Association and the South Herts. Astronomical Society who invited me to present my theory at their meetings and for the subsequent encouragement they offered to get this work published


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