Part 12 - Sea level difference between the oceans

Examination of the detailed work (NOAA Atlas Nesdis 15 ) shows that in general terms the mean steric sea level of the Pacific Ocean is higher than the Indian Ocean, which in turn is higher than the Atlantic Ocean. The term ‘steric sea level’ is used to distinguish that portion of the sea level that arises from changes in temperature and salinity of a water column. The author’s state as an example that, the column height will vary with increases in temperature and decrease in salinity.

The noted changes in heights are very complex as superimposed on this mean level difference are differences due to tidal, and seasonal weather patterns.

From the model described in Fig. 10, in which a sliding fluid is shown to move to the lighter side of the planet, it is anticipated that the mean sea level of the Pacific Ocean will be higher that that of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. The magnitude of the bias due to the centripetal considerations has yet to be determined.

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