The author, Robert Maurer

Bob Maurer graduated as a mining metallurgist in from the University of Witwatersrand South Africa in 1954. Following National Service commitments, Bob worked at the Buffelsfontein Gold and Uranium mine as well at the Williamson Diamond mine in what was then known as Tanganyika. In 1962 he obtained an MSc degree a thesis in electro-chemistry from the University of London. This was followed by commissioned research projects on the growth of single crystals of Alpha –Uranium crystals and the hydrogen embrittlement of high tensile steels for the UKAEA and the MOD. During his employment at Carrier Engineering, Bob had to familiarize himself with problems relating to fluid flow measurement. After a number of other jobs related to fluid flow measurement he established himself a known expert in this field.

He later went on to form Maurer Instruments Ltd where he developed a range special purpose Turbine flow meters and was sponsored by BP Exploration to develop what is now known as the Maurer range of Crude Oil Sampling equipment in addition to meter calibration systems. Bob was a member of the Institute Of Petroleum PMD4 working committee which drew up the Code of Practice for Fiscal Meter Proving. He has delivered a large number of papers on Flow Measurement, Meter Proving and Crude Oil Sampling in the UK, Europe and the USA and is a principal contributor to the Handbook of Fluid Flow Engineering.

Apart from being a sports fanatic, his main hobbies are now related to mineral and fossil collecting. It was this hobby that took Bob to the Bolivian Andes and led him on to look at the forces associated with Tectonic Movements.

Some of Bob's original work can be seen on his company website and his hobby website

Bob can be contacted by email at or by writing to Robert Maurer, 31A The Avenue, Cowley, Uxbridge, Middlesex. UB8 3AD, United Kingdom.


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