The Origin and the Mechanics of the Forces Responsible for Tectonic Plate Movements

This treatise examines in detail both the limitations of the heated current circulation model as the driving force ('slab-pull' and 'ridge- push') for tectonic plate movement, and the considerations of the newly developed concept of tectonic movements being a function of unbalanced centrigugal forces acting on the Earth's crust.

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By approaching the beak-up of Pangea as a function of the unbalanced centrifugal forces associated with the offset of the Centre of Gravity / Centre of Mass (1km) from the principal axis of rotation, it is possible to demonstrate and calculate the magnitude and direction of the unbalanced forces acting on the Earth's crust In this manner, many of the major anomalies associated with the Hess ('slab-pull' and 'ridge-push'), in particular the absence of sub-duction zones either side of the African plate can be readily explained. This 'un-balanced' centifugal force approach also allows for the calculation of the coefficient of friction between the floating crust and the fixed mantle to be determined from first principles. This new approach also offers a rational explanation for the crust on the African plate of to be in tension (Rift Valley) and the almost diametrically opposed Pacific Basin area to be in a state of compression.

The author, (UK Based) Bob Maurer MSc CEng, is well known in UK and the USA for his original design work in the field of flow measurement and crude oil sampling. Bob started his career in the gold and uranium mines in South Africa where he obtained his BSc qualifications. This work is the copyright of Robert Maurer. MSc. CEng and must not be copied or used without the written permission of the Author.

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